Thanks everypony for playing!
The song in normal mode is I'll Fly Higher by Acoustic Brony and MandoBrony.
YouTube link is here: tch?v=IAdFoVKMyqg

This game was originally posted on DeviantArt, but due to the way they handle files and refresh pages it was somewhat unplayable for some people so I posted it here as well.


v1.1 Changelog:
Darkened background for easier bucketlocation.
Added random Scootatips (displayed at end of game).
Song credits corrected and YouTube URL added.
Save files, sadly, have been broken. Sorry! It has to do with how DeviantArt handles filenames for edits/updates. =(


Instructions: Move the bucket with your mouse. Catch the Scootaloos. Once the game is over you earn bits based on the number of Scootaloos you catch the your accuracy. Use the bits to buy things in the shop.

Advanced Controls: X to end game, B to turn off OmegaBucket (once you unlock it), Z to turn on Secret Fun Mode (once you unlock it).

Super Advanced Controls: Press Shift-Enter on the menu to DELETE YOUR SAVE FILE. Left in for debug purposes only.


Super big thanks to all the ponies from Reddit/r/mylittlepony and the chat room, especially the TF2 server admins for creating the awesomeness that is Catch the Scootaloo and the #rmlp bronies who just decided to be obsessed with Scoots last night and inspired me to make this. Also, thanks to everypony who played the "beta" and offered feedback even though you didn't know it was a beta and I didn't know I was going to actually make the game better.

Also, thanks to all the ponies who vectored the art and made the music I used for the game. A full list of names is in the credits in the game. If I used your stuff and you aren't happy about it because I didn't ask permission let me know and I'll swap it out. ^^


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