EDIT v1.2
- Increased RP reward
- Faster research
- Fixed on some advanced reactions
- Fixed some other bugs.
EDIT v1.3
- Faster brain alterations
- Shorter story levels
- Added target selection for drill to avoid accidental kills
- Fixed some advanced reactions
EDIT v1.31
- Fixed boxing glove jaw breaking.

Survive the zombie apocalypse as Allen C. Tyler, a scientist trying to figure out what makes these undead creatures tick. Experiment with them, brutalize them, feed them, give them objects to play with and discover over 250 unique reactions as you explore the full spectrum of the zombie brain.

Stuck in this underground facility, you will gradually uncover the truth about the zombie outbreak as you progress in your research, discover new reactions, upgrade your research techniques, find new items to experiment with, complete achievements and find tapes and notes from the Alpha team, the previous scientific team who occupied this base.

You will have your hands full with:
- 12 zombie types to experiment with...
- Over 60 weapons, food and objects to play with...
- Over 250 reactions to discover...
- Over 40 achievements to complete...
- 1000pts worth of medals...
- And more...


4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00

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