Woot Thanks Guys its got an "Awesome Score"!!!!

update- heap of glitches have been fixed and there shouldnt be many problems anymore, the fish one cant seem to be helped the pee game one is up to the author!

This is a Newgrounds Collab, that's been in the making for 6 months now and im glad it done and its been an awesome experience!

We've got 20 Mini-games, with over 40 Medals to collect and submit your score to the leader board.
There is over 20 Flash Game Developers who joined this collab so I thank them for their effort for what they have produced.
To get this Collab out I've been up all Weekend fixing this and with minimal sleep i hope you will enjoy this Collab and I'm looking forward to making another one!!!

Thank you all audio artists! sorry if i havent got you down just PM me and ill add you on!

I will Respond to EVERY REVIEW!!!
and i would like to hear what you think of the collab for and for idea for the next collab, either it be Email, PM, Review or and Comment on my User Page i welcome all responses


4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00

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