"The owl men are here, and they're so very hungry."

Gary Mason, former head of security, Outpost:Haven.

A distress call wakes you and your crew mate from C-Sleep. A suspected rad leak at the nearby Outpost space station needs investigating. Don't worry, it should just be a quick jump in, jump out job...


* 7 levels with varied mission types.
* "Swarm" mode, no story, just five independent levels of shoot'em up action.
* Multiple weapons, with multiple upgrades.
* Uses the Nape physics engine for an extra level of immersion.
* Over 200 challenges, increase your XP to unlock both your rank and weapons.


< Edit - Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone whose taken the time to play, vote and review the game. We may not have replied to all the comments but we have read them all, even the mental ones. Hopefully we'll be able to get you a v1.1 fairly soon ( Awkward time of the year and all that ), and even if we don't implement all your ideas rest assured we've taken note so we can use them in our next game and pass them off as our own :) Cheers - Squize >


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