Wade in the water with your duck for the second time! A while back, Overhead: Duck was released. This expansive, new update helps revive the faults of the initial release and brings you much more.

The update includes:

3 new achievements, 3 new ducks:

COMING, MUM! - Complete EASY MODE with a time over 20000 --- Alien duck
SEE MY EYES - Wake up sleeping duck --- Mexican duck
EPIC BEAK - Burst 1200 bubbles --- Guard duck

2 new highscores added for easy and medium mode- AND the original highscore still carries across your score.
Timer stops between each level!
Level 18, exit placed at end- no need to traverse back only to die!
Hit detection of bubbles made to fit entire duck, not just the beak.
Time achievements clock-in lowered.
Title changed.
Changed boundaries in full mode at end ('duck' rank is now -900).

--Here is the initial description:

Duck redefines the Overhead series. Control your duck with the mouse and wade your way through 20 levels competing against the clock. Submit your time and compare your score to the rest of the world (and mine!). On top of that, complete achievements to unlock awesome, new ducks to control, including Solid Snake-duck. Need to go? Overhead: Duck saves every achievement you have completed! There are three different modes, so if you are short for time, pick EASY mode! Get quacking!


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