Hey everybody, its time to gather grandpa, sis, ma, and pa around the family computer for some good ole' fashioned meat packing. You're working the night shift at the sausage factory, and your job rests on the precise control of meat-smashing machinery. One to four players can enjoy quality time hovering over the same keyboard, smashing meat in careful rhythm, trying desperately to keep their jobs night after night. Satisfy the boss and you'll live to work another day, but do your best to leave the human parts for the grinder (we wouldn't want anyone to recognize them, would we?).

Left arrow or A - Controls the red smashers. Smash ingredients outlined in red with these.
Right arrow or D - Controls the green smashers. Smash ingredients outlined in green with these.
Down arrow or S - Controls the white smashers (beginning on Day 8). Smash unwanted ingredients (the ones with no outline) with these smashers.
Smash ingredients on the beat for extra points. Smash two or more correct ingredients simultaneously for combo points. Combos are worth even more if you use all the available types of smashers at once.
Smashing the wrong color with the wrong smasher will cost you points, although sometimes it is necessary to get a combo.
Let unwanted ingredients fall into the grinder.
Z/X - Slows/Speeds up the action. It will affect the number of points awarded.
You must meet the minimum point requirement to keep your job and advance to the next level.
Spacebar - Pauses the game.


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