This is Secret Agent Trivia, losely based on the format of the television trivia program, "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire".

In this game, you are tested on your ability to answer questions about a Spy's potential theater of operation: Afghanistan. A Secret Agent must be able to blend into a culture, there for it is essential to know everything about the language, history, and peoples. The national security of your homeland depends on your ability 'know your enemy'. The more you can answer, the more lives you save back home.

I am releasing this game in a version that has only one question per level. There are 15 levels, with the questions increasing in difficulty as you progress. When I originally created this game, I had as many as 10 randomly selected questions per level, so that you would only get asked one question for level 1, but if you replayed the game, you would probably get asked a different question on level 1 the second time. Apparently, flash will allow only so many random functions in one game, and the game froze on level 7. I'm assuming it has to do with the random action script function, because when I removed them from the game and used only 1 question scene per level, the game runs fine. I posted here on NG forums and on flashkit, but no one knew of such a bug. I'm releasing the game after days and days of attempting to make it work with the random function (more than 200 scenes with 63 total questions in 15 levels), but to no avail. If I can find a way to make the random functions work and put all the questions back into the game, I will update it here.



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