== Normal move ====
Move Left: Arrow left
Move Right: Arrow right
Jump: z
Attack: x
Guard: c

Skip movie: Space

== Special Move ==
Haste: Arrow Up
- When Nimpo point(Blue bar at Right botton) is more than 50% you can use "Haste" in a period of time.Can slash 7 times. Each attack with "Haste" will steal health. Press "Up" again to turn "Haste" off.

KageSlash: Arrow Down
- Use only when Nimpo point is full, slash all enemy.

Bug fix 2003/02/03:

-Sometimes after jumping attack, latter attack won't works.I modified some codes to fix, hope it works on your computer.
-Recover Full HP after stage clear.
You can choose "continue" when game over in stage 2.
-Attack with "Haste" can recover your HP. And press "Up" again can turn "Haste" off.
-"Haste" doesn't work after game continue.(FIXED)

- boss1: Attack from his back as close as possible.
- boss2: Jump to avoid hit by the wave.Using guard when boss attacks.


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