Hello, newgrounds. Through the Machine is a stylistic black and white game. You have to collect bonus points and avoid obstacles while trying to get to the other side. It's all synched to the music as well.


Thanks for all the great feedback, everyone!

About the music, it was a song I found on the audio portal last year. When I went to credit the artist, there wasn't a song that matched the NG ID number. Potempkin has informed me the artist's name is MusicalSerenity and the title is SS02: Suwan vs. Chuusei (thanks!). The song doesn't appear to be in the audio portal anymore. EDIT: I'm having some troubles with drives right now and won't be able to email the song until I get them fixed.

****ABOUT THE LAG: I still haven't figured out what's causing the lag on some people's computers, but rtaraquin mentioned if you set your local storage to unlimited, it will help. You can do that by right-clicking and clicking on settings. I haven't tested this, but it's worth trying. Thanks, rtaraquin!


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