Phew, Its finnaly here, after some Financial issues Me and Webmaster3000 (which helped alot with some code) are ready to realease it.

The second version of the best and deepest mouse avoider is here! ultra colour will have you falling off your seat with exitement in the achievement gaining highscore hungry game!

Use your mighty mouse to Avoid the blocks and play in the many diffrent game modes, You earch Points for Each award you unlock and you can submitt your award points for a highscore to show your true dedication to this game!

NOTE: some awards are soo hard to get they can be done multiple times.

Enjoy and i will try to respond to ever Comment/review, Thanks and vote nice and enjoy :)

EDIT: i dident know how to collab so i guess this will be the Credits list,


Me (Unbelivable) - Original Design Graphics and idea Mouse physics and Menu Designs.

Webmaster3000(Zforcedevte am) owner of - Block code and Awards system, Many other codes and code help.

EDIT: OMG! im so sorry guys, THE HIGHSCORES were not working attl all, sorry i fixed it now, sorry for anny of you with huge highscores.


4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00

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